bambi walk

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ever heard of the Bambi Walk? If you don't live in Louisville, you may need me to fill you in...

A bar off Bardstown Road in Louisville, Kentucky opened in the mid 50's. Legend has it that deer-print wallpaper once covered the walls and the nickname Bambi Bar eventually stuck. But the most famous thing about the bar is the Bambi Walk, which is a drinking journey that started in the 80's. The walk starts at Bambi Bar, travels down Bardstown Road (a street lined with local watering holes), and ends at Phoenix Hill. The challenge is to have a drink at every stop along the way.

Now, I've been on a Bambi Walk (many years ago), but this is the first bachelorette party invitation I've created with a silhouette of Bambi on it. I have to say, I couldn't help but laugh when Jess asked me to put a tattoo on the cute little fawn...and of course, I had to add a heart.

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