Monday, September 30, 2013


The rainbow loom bracelets have gone buck wild. Crazy, buck wild. I see them everywhere...they're on just about every child's arm and even adults wear them, too. You can read this article to find out how it all began. While purchasing the kit for a friend's birthday, my daughter, Alyssa, wanted to give it a try, so we bought one of the fast-selling kits, too. And she fell in love. It's never too early to become an entrepreneur, right? So, Alyssa and I talked about me posting a message on Facebook so that she could sell them for $2 a piece. I told her that in one week I would match whatever she made thus far and we would save that money to help out another child from the angel tree this Christmas. It was a hit. She got to make bracelets while earning money for herself and I got to teach her a bit about starting a business and saving for a good cause. We now have over $150 sitting in a little jar! I wanted to give Alyssa something to house all of her tools and bands in, so I created a personalized bracelet organizer. Selling them was outside the realm of my work, but I figured "what the hey"...if it can bring Alyssa that much excitement, I'm sure other parents out there might like one, too. I created a listing in my shop for them. And wouldn't you know, they've become a hit as well.

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