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i have one word for you: cameo

Saturday, December 21, 2013

I have one word for you: Cameo. About 6 months ago, my friend raved about a cutting machine. It can cut cardstock, vinyl and with the right blade it can even cut fabric. So, I decided to dish out the dough and I'm so glad I did. I've personalized quite a few things with it, but here's my latest project.

I created the design in Photoshop first just because I'm used to working with the program and wanted to make the font style a little fancier, but the Cameo can use any font styles you have on your computer. It's as simple as dragging the design over, having it "trace" the lines and then hitting the "cut" button.

Tip: definitely add a second piece of transfer tape to the top when placing the vinyl to a wall. It makes it easier when peeling off the backing paper to keep it lined up exactly where you want it. For other smaller items, it's not really necessary.

I've used the machine for quite a few things now...not just my home. Gifts, classroom projects, party favors, back of an iPod, and even for my business. I've been able to whip up a personalized gift for a teacher within seconds. I'm telling you, if you buy one, you won't be sorry.

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