Sunday, December 7, 2014


Well, it was a success! With the help of others, I pulled it off. We kept the secret for months and Andy had absolutely no clue that close to 100 people were waiting to celebrate his 40th with him in the Sky Bar, which is upstairs in Saints located in St. Matthews. Andy's a laid back guy, so he actually made it easy for me...he never questioned a thing. I had fun creating the invites. Since he's a Jim Beam fan, I wanted to make the design look similar to the bottle's label and I signed each invite, too. I put together welcome bags for the guests staying overnight, which included snacks and mini Jim Beam bottles with Andy's picture on them. It was awesome to see so many of our friends and family, and his co-workers and tennis team there. Many traveled quite a distance to celebrate with us. From Springfield, Indianapolis, St. Louis... We're so grateful.