Sunday, August 9, 2015

I recently updated my shop to include "printables" for clients. This way, they have the opportunity to print the customized file on their own, email to guests, or even post on Facebook. For example, here's my latest design - a ranch themed party invitation. Within 24 hours, it can be personalized for you and you can print the invitation and envelope liner without even leaving your home!

I have my files printed at a loyal, local printing shop that always provides beautiful prints, but I know that digital is in high demand in this growing world.

Birth announcements, save the date cards, calendars, party invitations, stationery, menus, wedding timeline cards, wine bottle labels, gift tags...the options are endless!

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  1. Spectacular! Clad in our suits, we arrived here for the wedding and enjoyed every minute as we warmed ourselves in the comfort of good friends and joyful Holiday cheer. These truly are magical wedding venues for a special evening.