I was one of those that had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do...I couldn't figure out what type of career was best for me. But after 30-something years, I discovered that opening a shop on Etsy was exactly what I needed to jump into. It was a creative outlet...I could make custom designs and share my love of paper while helping clients throw fabulous events. Bingo! pixels to paper® was born in 2010.

For a few years, I juggled my business, a full-time office job, and family time. I had many late nights and early mornings completing orders. As the Sales & Marketing Coordinator for a large company and the mother of two young kids, it was the only time available. It was difficult, but it's amazing how much adrenaline you have when doing what you love.

Because of a very supporting husband and the continued growth of my stationery business, I was able to resign from my office job. I'm lucky...I now get to focus on my clients during "normal" business hours and spend more time with my family. My kids are growing up fast and I refuse to miss another moment.

I grab inspiration from trends and custom requests, but each of my designs are unique and created to match the theme of an event. The pieces are professionally printed with a commercial, color laser printing press in a local printing shop that I have a loyal relationship with. I offer rich textured linen cardstock, beautiful metallic cardstock, and eco-friendly 100% recycled cardstock.

So, grab a cup of coffee and take a look through my shop. I hope I get the opportunity to create something special for your fabulous event!


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